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Yawkey League All-Star Game

Want to see some good baseball? Pop-out to Cunningham Park in Milton this Sunday at 3 PM. The Yawkey League’s finest, including six players from ATBC and manager Joe O’Hara, will be squaring off against the best that the Central New England Baseball Association has to offer. ATBC has some absolute studs suiting up, including Cam Plank, Jake Beane, Jay Gamboa, Matt Rothermel, Kevin Falvey, and myself. I’m looking forward to this one. It’s a unique opportunity to play with and get to know some of the familiar faces in the Yawkey League that I’m used to playing against. It’s right before playoffs too, so I imagine some lighthearted chirping to go down before we all put our game faces on. I can’t wait. We hope to see plenty of fans at Cunny for the first pitch, including some ATBC alumni. Rumor has it Darcy’s legend Joe O’Hara will be marching us up to the bar after the game where we hope to share some beers, pizza, and laughs. Here are the stat lines for all the guys representing ATBC on Sunday.

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