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The A Train Reaches The Promise Land.

I drove into the parking lot of BC High for game 5 feeling like it was the last game of the year. I knew it wasn’t. We’d have to get it done to make that true, but it felt like we would. The 2022 A’s have the tools and the atmosphere. We win, and we lose, but either way, we’re havin’ fun.

Game 5 had its fair share of fun. We opened up the bottom of the first with a triple. That run scored on a sacrifice fly, and the offense went quiet after that. We kept the Sox at bay with good pitching, but the fourth inning brought trouble. The Black Sox scored four and we stared at a three-run deficit. We stalled their offense into the sixth inning, and the ATBC bats woke up. We doubled to bring home two, singled to score another, and took the lead on a wild pitch. Three more outs, and we’d be repeating champs. In the top of the seventh the Sox threatened to bring the game into extra innings, but we got it done. Back-to-back champions, baby!

With the season being over, it’s another part of my summer winding down. Pretty soon, I’ll be leaving home and heading back to school. Being at home during the summer can be compared to putting the car in the shop. Imagine you spend eighteen years building a car. You make sure it has a reliable engine, tires that keep you safe on humanity’s trickiest roads, and structure. It’s time to drive. It may not be totally ready, but what’s it gonna do? Sit in the garage its entire life? You take it on a road trip and live a little bit. Your hair’s blowing in the wind, you see a couple of cities, and you get wasted with some new people. You don’t want to take the car home, but you have to. The tires squeak anytime you go above thirty, the check engine light has been glowing for two weeks, and you lose a coat of paint anytime the doors shut too hard. You go home and bring it to the shop. You tighten the tires, get a fresh coat of paint on there, and work on the engine. While fixing the car, you can’t help but daydream about the next road trip. What’s in store? Where am I gonna go? What new foods will I eat? It all depends on how well the car is taken care of.

When reflecting on this summer, ATBC will be glued to my brain. This team was one of the mechanics that took care of my car throughout the summer. I’ll think about the captains, the homers, the nightmare trips to East Boston, and the post-game activities. I’ll think about my teammates and all our atrocities. I’ll be thinking about this team for a long time.

Thanks for all the joy ATBC.

Some final words from Chief Joe O'Hara.

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