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Longtime player, coach and manager of the Al Thomas Club, Joe O'Hara, will officially come out of retirement to manage the A's in 2019. O'Hara, in his 36th year with the team, has spent the last five years as team president and GM, while also serving on the YBL Board of Directors for the past 23 years.

"We had a rebuilding year in which we had some ups and downs," said the "Chief", "But we also discovered some great, new talent around which to build and regain that champonship caliber in the tradition of the Al Thomas Club!" With a wealth of talent in the surrounding communities, O'Hara is confident the team will make a nice jump and double its number of wins, earning a playoff berth.

"Rebuilding always takes some time, especially in developing that solid core of players," he admits, "But we'll make some great strides this year. Our scouts have been out there since August checking out potential Al Thomas candidates. We'll be back!"

The team is looking for a couple of base coaches and a scorekeeper. If interested, please contact

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